My School Essay for Students


My school is a very ideal school as this school puts sports, education and other teaching activities at the top.

The whole ambiance of my school makes for a serene and picturesque feel. School is a temple, where children get all kinds of knowledge.

The importance of school in life is incomparable. The best day for every student in life is the life he remembers.

School – Home of Learning

Around two and a half thousand students take education in my school. The number of teachers is at least fifty. Ten other employees also work. Three clerks are gardeners and five servants. In terms of education, my school is located in a prime location in the city.

All students often graduate with good grades. Teacher’s full story about teacher’s progress. Here the school has a separate room for music and dance, where each type of musical instrument is present.

A huge ground has been made for playing in the school and there is a shaded tree. There is a neutral garden, where all kinds of flowers are in bloom. There are many educated and learned teachers to impart education in our school.

There is always an atmosphere of strict discipline here. Events such as news, thoughts and speeches are organized in the morning prayer. Every student regards prayers as their first priority. After that, our classes begin.

Here, each and every topic is studied in a very interesting way. Teachers teach us to live together with love and use many new methods and ideas so that students have a good knowledge of the subject.

Here, our teachers teach for 45 minutes. Pure and clean drinking water is available in the school and a clean toilet is also there. Here, if a student does not understand some subjects, he can take the help of the teachers to present there.

The security staff has always been deployed for the safety and well-being of the students of the school. School is always emulated discipline.

Here the schools are stationed at all times and all the sections are cleaned every day. Here, children do good academics in tenth and twelfth every year. Because of this, our schools are very popular in the district.

Our school has a library in the form of a library, where all the students of the school find books related to each subject and field. Children who cannot afford expensive books come here to the library and get knowledge.


The school’s collaborative environment and a large education create autonomous students in the future. By getting an education from here, the student learns and understands a lot in life and on the basis of that they are able to choose their bright future. So we all should feel proud of our school.

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