Essay on Problem and Solution of Corruption for Students


The verbal meaning of corruption is ‘corrupt behavior’ i.e. behavior or action which is considered immoral and inappropriate.

In today’s country, the root of corruption is getting very deep. If it is not stopped in time, it can destroy the whole system.

Factors of Corruption

There are many reasons for corruption. Most prominent among humans is the tendency to dissatisfaction. Humans are not satisfied with their rewards. He always yearns to get more. There are very few people who can balance their desires and abilities.

These people do not lose balance even if they do not fulfill their desires and aspirations. But there are also many types of people who cannot create their aspirations and their present.

The loyalty of such a person becomes so strong that he does not hesitate to fulfill his desires on the immoral path. In the end, corruption is produced and it can happen at a human level.

Greed – one of the main factors of corruption

Some people aspire for honor or position, while others aspire for money. Thus, due to resentment and reprimand, they do not understand the difference between justice and injustice.

Anti – Corruption Action

No doubt, corruption is like a contagious disease. There should be a tough sentence to prevent the spread of corruption at various levels in the community.

Presently the state of corruption is that the person is caught in the bribery case and the bribe is passed on. Unless it is severely punished for this crime, this disease will eat all countries like termites.

People should develop honesty in themselves. By this, the benefits of good will be passed on to the next generation. Corruption is a huge problem in the moral values ​​of our life. People related to corruption have become completely blind in their selfishness and blasphemy in the name of the country.

Corruption is one of the problems for some people or nations. Diagnosis is not possible only at the administration level. Radical destruction is possible only through collective efforts. For this, the demonstration of the power of political will at the central level is also important.

What is important to put an end to this?

At the administrative level, it is necessary that there is a strong action against the people accused of corruption. It is essential that the administration is tough, agile and fair.

Our system is very strong so that criminals can get their punishment irrespective of the post they are in. At the societal level, it is imperative that we do not promote propaganda or engage in corrupt practices.

It is essential that we do not isolate them from the mainstream till they start walking on the policy path.


When a person finds it wrong to fulfill his selfishness by fighting the lawful rules of justice, then that person is said to be corrupt. At present, corruption has left no stone unturned to establish its roots in a country like India.

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