Essay on Overpopulation and Deforestation for Students


Nature has provided two unique rewards for humans in the form of water and forests, whose support has led to the development of many civilizations in the world, but both these gifts are being rapidly destroyed due to entrepreneurship.

Water Crisis Solution

The water crisis is clearly felt all over the world and many experts have warned that if the next world war happens, it will be about water.

The water crisis, which quickly became a radical one, shrunk even the fastest forest cover. When humans live in the forest and start farming, that is the beginning of the expansion of civilization.

But in the name of development, the process of deforestation continues even today. Therefore, it is very important to remember that if there is no forest, then the very existence of our civilization will be in danger.

Forest Figures

Experts say that forests around the world are now depleting very fast. 10th of the entire world was wiped out in just the last 20 years. This decline is around 9.6 percent.

This cutting and pruning of forests are not for agriculture or horticulture but for new cities and more. So if global warming increases in the world, we could be completely wiped out. At present, only 301 million square kilometers of land is left in the rest of the world, 23 percent of the world’s land.

What part of the forest on earth

In the matter of forest waste, India is also no exception from all over the world. The forests in our country are decreasing at a faster rate than in other parts of the world.

We should thank nature that although only 4 percent of the total world land, 7.83 million hectares in the country are covered by forests and trees.

At one time, India had more than 50 percent forest, which gradually fell to around 24 percent. In fact, the work of destroying forests in the name of industrialization and development, which has been done in our country, is difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

On the development side, forest and plundering projects are seen by large state companies as well as the Indian government. Over the years, sustainable illegal logging has affected human lives.

Whereas the unbalanced weather cycle has also taken birth. Due to deforested forests that are not inhabited, the contraction of this country is very worrying in terms of the environment.


On the development side, a big dam, expansion of residential areas and other industrial projects where the government destroyed the forest, forest and mining mafia activities also destroyed the forest. Apart from the applicable law, the tendency to acquire forest land and tribal rights for forest dwellers does not diminish. They are forced to migrate to the city by displacing their land.

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