Essay on Music for Students and Children in English


Music assumes an inner and fundamental part in our lives. There are various sorts of music, which we can appreciate as per our taste.

A few of us like examining, playing indoor or outside games and paying attention to music at different minutes.

Define Music?

Music is a lovely strong which is a mix of songs and amicability and which alleviates you. Music may likewise allude to the craft of making such lovely sounds with the assistance of the different instruments.

An individual who realizes music is a Musician. The music comprises of Sargam, Ragas, Taals, and so on Music isn’t just what is made out of men yet additionally what exists in nature.

What value has Music?

Music has extraordinary characteristics of recuperating an individual genuinely and intellectually. Music is a type of reflection. While creating or listening to music one will in general fail to remember every one of his concerns, distresses and torments.

However, to see the value of great music, we need to develop our melodic taste. It very well may be referred to that in the Dwapar Yug, the Gopis would get hypnotized with the music that moved from Lord Krishna’s woodwind.

Music for the whole human species is a gift given by God. It is the way into the spirit which assists us with being intellectually and genuinely sound.

Music is the cadence, which brings every one of the great recollections and positive musings of past occasions, most loved spots, people or celebrations and so on Music is an exceptionally sweet and worldwide language, which tells everything in harmony and finishes every one of our concerns without asking us.

Music – A passion for life

Paying attention to music is the obsession and it is the mystery of sound and cheerful life. This is God’s gift to me, which I use to my benefit and consistently encourage others to pay attention to music and exploit it.

Music is the path of life. All that has cadence has music. Our breathing additionally has a musicality. Accordingly, we can say that there is music in each person or a living animal. Music can pass on a wide range of feelings to individuals.

Music is additionally an extremely incredible means to associate with God. We can reason that Music is the most flawless type of love of God and to associate with our spirit.


Music is known as the Universal language since it knows no limits. It streams uninhibitedly past the obstructions of language, religion, country, and so forth Anyone can appreciate music regardless of his age.

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