Essay on If there was no rain


The rainy season is very important for the entire life-creation flourishing in this world. Due to this rain, we all get water, which is very important for our life.

A human can survive for several weeks without eating food. But without water, that person cannot survive for more than three or four days.

But if the rain stops falling on this earth, then the life of the whole earth and the life-creation flourishing on the earth will be in danger.

Sea, River and Pond

If there is no rain, then many problems can be created on the earth. Like, without rain, big ponds filled with water will dry up completely.

All the small and big rivers of the world will start drying up slowly without rain and one day they will disappear from this world, due to which the oceans will also start drying up with time.

Global Warming Problem

Due to lack of rain, trees and plants will be completely destroyed from this earth. Due to this, the temperature of the earth will increase rapidly.

Due to this the life of the whole earth will be in danger. Because trees and plants absorb deadly gases like carbon dioxide spread in the earth’s atmosphere and keep the atmosphere completely clean.

Drought Problem

If there is no rain on this earth, then there can be a huge problem of drought all over the world. Due to this, there will be no fertile land to grow a good crop on this earth.

Due to the problem of drought, the water from the earth will dry up completely. Due to this the trees and plants will start dying fast. Animals, birds, animals and humans will also die due to thirst.

In this way, there will be no life left on the whole earth. There will be a desert-like situation everywhere.


If there was no rain on this earth, then there would be no trace of water here. Earth would have become a desert planet like Mars, where life would have ceased to exist. Therefore, we have to stop many activities like deforestation, so that the rain always remains like this on this earth.

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