Essay on Flood Scene for Students


A statement is completely true “Water is life, life is the environment, the environment is this earth, and we all belong to this earth!

But just as the excess utility of a commodity is dangerous, in the same way, flood water also comes in the form of the breakdown of nature, which takes away valuable property and life, etc.

Scene of a Flood

The holy river Ganga, Godavari, Brahmaputra, Gomti, etc. is a gift to human beings, and on the other hand, sometimes it becomes a curse in the form of an outbreak.

July-August is the rainy season in our country when the raindrops provide coolness on the surface of the earth, which is heated by the heat. During the summer when the river is drying up, they get their full water due to rain.

Everything flows freely. May this rainy season and water be a gift to so many farmers and laborers. But last year, we had to witness a horrific scene that made my heart tremble completely.

Because last year, there was continuous rain in our village for the last seven days. In which the visibility of the fence was felt. The water level in the rivers of the village was rising. Everyone was watching their lives going into trouble. More than half the houses were completely submerged in the water of the fence.

How to be Safe from Floods?

Every year in our country, the state is facing floods, which should incur an additional cost of Rs. Our leaders and administration will feel regular floods every year and after a few days, it will become a normal occurrence for them and they get busy with other jobs.

After five decades of independence, we cannot meet a permanent solution to this problem, which can be controlled more and more by floods.

Government’s Effort

Flood prevention is the full responsibility of the government. There is no effort to stop it. In this direction, we accept even partial success, but more effort is required.

We believe that in the coming years, we will be able to control the losses caused by this disaster.

Flood a Disaster

A flood is a terrible disaster like other natural disasters. To avoid this calamity, human beings keep finding various ways.

But still, these methods have not been completely successful so far. For this, long-term strategies should be implemented and this would be an alternative way to avoid the fence.


Natural games are very unique indeed. It is not yet understood by humans. Because sometimes a few drops of rain also provide coolness to this earth during the summer season and sometimes heavy rain also feels terrible. Because due to this the water of the river starts coming out of its level and a terrible fence is born.

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