Essay on Apple for Students


By eating apples every day, you can stay away from many diseases. Because apple is disease-fighting and healthy.

Apple fruit is also very tasty to eat. Along with this, this fruit is also used for many dishes.

Dietary Fiber

We get to see a lot of dietary fiber in apples. Because of this, you can avoid many types of heart diseases by eating apples every day.

Get rid of many diseases

By eating apples every day, we get rid of many diseases. For example, by eating apples every day, we get rid of problems like constipation.

If cancer patients eat it every day, then they get strength in fighting this disease. Along with this, Apple is also a beneficial and beneficial fruit to get rid of problems like asthma, anemia, diabetes, and weight gain.

Beneficial for the digestive system and brain

Eating apples every day is very beneficial for our digestive system and brain. Because apple encourages the proper metabolism of our digestive system our digestive system is always good.

Along with this, eating apples every day keeps our brains healthy. Because apples contain a lot of vitamins and proteins, which protect our brain from many diseases.


Apple is very important for our good health. Because it works like medicine by providing protection to us from many diseases. Therefore, by eating apples daily, we can keep the doctor away from our lives forever.

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