Deforestation Essay for Students


Deforestation which we also call deforestation. This deforestation occurs in a large amount of the areas like forests.

Due to this, we are causing a lot of damage to the environment. Because of this, we create an ecological imbalance in the environment of the earth.

To stop this ecological imbalance, in today’s time, the government of every single country in the world is taking many plans and measures, so that this problem can be reduced.

The main objective of Deforestation

The main objective of deforestation is to increase the land area for the benefit of the increasing population. Because as the population increases, so does the demand for such products.

To meet this growing demand, new industries need to be established. But the land area is required to set up this industry. Some big and wealthy merchants set up industries like deforestation to build this land.

Harmful effects of Deforestation

Deforestation has a lot of harmful effects not only on us humans but also on the whole organism and the environment. Due to this the whole earth is harmed.

As deforestation creates problems like soil erosion, increases global warming in the environment, and affects the water cycle, deforestation poses a great threat to the existence of wildlife.

Because the forest full of forests is their home, which we humans are snatching from them. Therefore, today many species of wildlife have become extinct and some species are on the verge of extinction.

Measures to stop Deforestation

There are many such measures, with the help of which we can stop activities like deforestation. such as afforestation.

We have to plant new trees in the forest where deforestation has taken place. This will help in removing the loss of trees due to deforestation. This will also benefit the environment.

People have to build small gardens even in their homes. In which people should plant many types of small plants and there are many such measures, with the help of which we can stop the activity like deforestation and free the environment from its harmful effects.


Trees are also an important part of the natural resource of the earth, which are necessary to maintain ecological balance in the environment. Therefore, the government should make strict laws against activities like deforestation and take strict action against those who are illegally cutting trees.

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