Essay on Darjeeling for Students

Introduction Darjeeling city is one of the most popular and beautiful cities in India. This Darjeeling city is located in the state of West Bengal, India. The name of this city in West Bengal is derived from the two Tibetan words Dorje and Ling. Which means place of thunder. Darjeeling City Area and Official Languages … Read more

Autobiography of a River Essay for Students

Introduction Rivers are very important for the life of us human beings. Because many of the works of us humans depend on the water from these rivers. These rivers always flow through mountains, valleys, narrow creeks and big rocks. Rivers are considered a holy place in our country of India. Where people take baths in … Read more

Essay on If there was no rain

Introduction The rainy season is very important for the entire life-creation flourishing in this world. Due to this rain, we all get water, which is very important for our life. A human can survive for several weeks without eating food. But without water, that person cannot survive for more than three or four days. But … Read more

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