Autobiography of a River Essay for Students


Rivers are very important for the life of us human beings. Because many of our works of us humans depend on the water from these rivers.

These rivers always flow through mountains, valleys, narrow creeks and big rocks. Rivers are considered a holy place in our country of India.

Where people take baths in these rivers at many festivals. But in today’s time due to the increasing water pollution due to us humans, the water of rivers has also been completely polluted.

Autobiography of River

I am a river I was born in the mountains, valleys and snow-filled places like the Himalayas. The water flowing in me is sweet.

This sweet water quenches the thirst of humans as well as all kinds of creatures that are flourishing in this world. Many human works depend on the water flowing from me.

As the biggest example is agriculture. The source of this water mine starts from the mountains, valleys and snow-filled places like the Himalayas and finally, this water merges with the sea or ocean.

If you want to know my age, you will not find it in exact numbers. Therefore, you must understand that since the creation of this world, I have existed in this world.

Because of this, I have seen many types of animals here, small and big-sized animals like dinosaurs, I have seen all the wars of this world and I have seen many such things from ancient times till today.

You have also seen humans worshiping me and polluting my water. I have seen everything that remains in this world. Whether it is natural or man-made.

When I flow through mountains and valleys, I find many forests there. Because of this, I get natural beauty. All the animals from these forests come to me to quench their thirst.

After this, I have seen all the small and big villages. The people living there are very hardworking. Those people do farming for the whole day and after that, they all come to me to fulfill the need for water and used to take it back home after filling as much water in pots and buckets as they needed for themselves.

After that, I saw all the small and big cities and the people living here. People here use my holy water to fulfill their needs, but they also pollute me with many of their activities.

Here, harmful chemicals from factories are released into me, and people here throw their household dustbins at me. Due to this, my clean and pure water gets completely polluted.

With the plastic waste that you humans throw at me, the aquatic creatures living inside me have to face a lot of difficulties.

In the end, when I merge into the ocean or ocean, then I become a sea. Where there are many big and small aquatic creatures like dolphins, blue whales, and sharks living inside me. Here I become the support of many man-made means. Like small and big ships, submarines, etc.

But in today’s time, due to increasing water pollution, even big seas are slowly becoming polluted. All of you humans should try to stop as soon as possible, otherwise, this water pollution will become a big danger for you.

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