Action Speaks Louder Than Words Essay for Students


Many stories of the world have been going on for ages. Thus the saying, “Work hard with words” is the old saying. Like very old speech, this saying too is valuable, smart and mature in your teaching.

Furthermore, the phrase implies that what people say has a major impact on people. The most prominent expression that means, people may believe the first time you act, trust carries more weight than words.

Also, trust is very important in every type of relationship. There is no relation that cannot be verified without trust.

Act a Worship

Plus, it’s easy to try to build confidence by talking a few words. However, building trust through action is not that easy.

Regular talking words will never lead to a healthy relationship in the long run.

Goal Requirement

Commitment to the goal requires greater action. If you get into goals, a lot of people make big claims. However, the claims or words will not be supported by action without any cost.

Similarly, people approach the new year for their careers. But if the person does not try to pursue his goal, then this resolution will surely be rubbish.

When it comes to parenting, action is required. Children quickly learn that if there is no action, then words are a bunch of false promises. In addition, many parents warn their children not to punish them for some of the wrong things.


Some of them refused to punish the children after doing wrong. Because of this, children are not worried about their parents’ warnings and dangers. Similarly, some parents promised gifts but then considered them. In this case, even the children will not be able to take the parents seriously. What did you do more than that?

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